Electrocorp LD450 Fume Extractor


The LD450 Fume Extractor is the ideal solution for light-duty, intermittent welding and soldering operations. It comes equipped with comprehensive 3-stage, industrial-grade filtration which includes 40 lbs of activated Vocarb carbon, a 2” medical-grade HEPA filter and 2” pre-filter. Captures smoke, fumes, vapors, chemicals and airborne particulates directly at the source to ensure a decontaminated workstation and overall safe working conditions.

The LD450 features industrial strength power, spark arrestor, solid steel frame, an articulated flex arm for precise positioning and sits atop commercial-grade 3” rubber wheels for a high degree of maneuverability.


LD450 Fume Extractor by Electrocorp

The LD450 Fume Extractor is equipped with 40 lbs of activated Vocarb carbon, Medical-grade HEPA filter and a 2” pre-filter, giving it the ability to soak up and trap a vast range of chemicals, fumes, vapors, gasses and particulates directly at the source. The Medical-grade HEPA removes 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns, while the 10.5” deep Vocarb carbon bed allows for increased dwell time, and thus enhanced, efficient filtration of even the heaviest concentrations of airborne contaminants.

The LD450 can be customized with various carbon blends (filter media) to target specific contaminants. Please call to inquire so that we can fit you with the right carbon for your specific application. 

Recommended Applications:

  • MIG, TIG and arc welding operations
  • Metal work
  • Soldering applications
  • Light manufacturing
  • Light plastic welding
  • Laser engraving

3-Stage Comprehensive Filtration

  1. 2” Pre-Filter — As the first stage of filtration, the pre-filter helps to prolong the life of the HEPA and Carbon filters by trapping large particulates such as fibers, dust and lint. 
  2. Medical-Grade HEPA Filter — Equipped with a US made, Medical-Grade True HEPA filter with the ability to trap up to 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size. Captures a wide range of fine particulates, including dust, lint, fibers and metal/plastic fragments. Also filters out pathogens, including viruses and bacteria.
  3. Vocarb Carbon Filter — 40 lbs. of specially formulated, activated carbon blend for commercial, industrial, residential and institutional chemical abatement. The carbon filter is designed to remove heavier concentrations of VOC’s, fumes, vapors, smoke, smoke by-products, airborne chemicals, odors and gases. Specifically targets many chemicals emitted as a result of commercial manufacturing processes such as formaldehyde, benzene, sulfide gas, sulfuric acid gas, methane and mercury vapor to name a few.

The Electrocorp Difference

  • North American Sourced Parts & Assembly: Built using only the highest quality materials and parts sourced from North America. All units built in North America as well.
  • Styrofoam Free: The absence of styrofoam eliminates any hazardous off-gassing that this material can emit.
  • All-Metal Housing: Constructed entirely from powder-coated solid steel on the outside, the reduction of plastic components in favor of metal housing contributes to the decrease in off-gassing. The all metal housing is also a more environmentally friendly material in general as it’s recyclable.
  • Energy Efficient: Energy efficient motor provides low operating cost while still providing powerful filtration.
  • Multiple Carbon Blends: Electrocorp not only has the deepest carbon beds on the market, it also offers over 40 different proprietary carbon blends to meet your specific needs.
  • Ozone Free: Ozone emissions from air purification systems can have adverse health effects. Carbon and HEPA filters deliver professional filtration without generating harmful ozone.
  • Refillable Canisters: Electrocorp has engineered its air purifiers for easy replacement of granular carbon when saturated.
Primary Specifications
Recommended For
MIG, TIG & Arc Welding Operations, Soldering, Light Manufacturing, Light Plactic Welding, Metal Work
Filtration System Pre-Filter, Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter
Air Purifier Type Portable (On Wheels)
Filtration / Filter Maintenance
Filtration Type HEPA/Carbon Combination
Pre-Filter 2″ Pre-Filter
Pre-Filter Lifetime 3-6 Months
HEPA Filter Medical-Grade HEPA (99.97% at ≥ 0.3 Microns)
HEPA Filter Lifetime 2-5 Years
Carbon Filter 40 lbs., 10.5″ Deep Vocarb Activated Carbon
Carbon Filter Lifetime 2-3 Years
UV Lamp No
Photocatalytic Oxidation No
Operational Specifications
Air Flow Rating: CFM 250 CFM Delivered
Air Intake 4” X 6’ articulated flex arm
Number of Fan Speeds Variable
Noise Level 55 – 75 db
Controls Manual
Remote Control No
Programmable Timer No
Filter Change Indicator No
Energy Star Rated No
Ozone Emissions Zero
Build Specifications
Height 22.5 in.
Width 16 in.
Depth 29 in.
Weight 140 lbs
Maneuverability Four, 2″ Nylon Wheels
Materials & Finish Steel Construction
Available Colors Black with Yellow artculating arm
Wall Mounted Option No
Made In Canada
Certifications CSA/UL Approved
Amperage 1.76 / 0.88 Amps
Voltage 115/60Hz or 230/50Hz
Manufacturer’s Warranty 1 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor