Electrocorp Air Purifiers

For over 35 years, Electrocorp has been a leader in industrial and commercial air filtration technology. Their comprehensive line of high-performance air cleaners and purification systems provide effective, innovative solutions to tackle even the most complex air quality challenges.

Electrocorp’s specialized filtration systems utilize proven technologies like deep beds of activated carbon, large chemical adsorbent surfaces, custom carbon blends, advanced HEPA particle filters, and UV technology. Their powerful multistage filtration systems can remove hundreds of airborne contaminants including chemicals, gases, odors, particles, disinfectants, diesel fumes, welding fumes, medicinal odors, ozone, and smoke.

With their extensive technical expertise and the industry’s largest air filtration catalog, Electrocorp implements versatile air cleaning solutions for a wide range of applications. Their systems help businesses across industries achieve OSHA and environmental compliance, improve indoor air quality, qualify for LEED certification, and control emissions.

Whether you need a stand-alone air cleaner or a fully customized filtration system, you can count on Electrocorp to meet and exceed your indoor air quality needs.

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